--Martha Silano

I say warbling vireo and
a turbo-jet drops from my tongue.

I say trill while a mower groans away
the cottonwood breeze. A bird says If I see you,

I’m gonna seize you and squeeze you till you squirt
as a line of cars slashes its psalm like lenticels

on bark. How best to solve this natural/
unnatural dichotomy if not by clapping

one or both hands? Scritch, says the squirrel,
x, x, x, say those who solve for y, bye-bye

says the glacial moraine. I am multiplying
existence times the peculiar tufts of dozing

owls. Mice make their own sound. Who
can say who’s more astonished? A person

mishears momentous as moment, falls into
a verdant complacency, sleepy as a dog

on a rug where nothing/everything’s in flux.

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