Thaumaturgical Topgraphy 
The road home overly dolloped
while a habit prone compass
is only uninclined geometry.
Absence of any afternoon lift
drawn from felt direction
as a way through a stop sign
paved onward with side road,
slyly over rooftops slanted
xylophonic by riverbed wind,
partly cloudy, bent antenna. 
Where balanced trees whisper
sighs of visions. Those translucent
aspects natural congress aspires.
As if how to live. Welcomed
inference by way of gesture 
passing as it is all unknown,
so humbly allowed. Below lies
neither coupled to never to beget
sure footed clover, bracelet born
mint, double round insolence 
by the young bounty surrounding
what gets toed over. That dead
deflated weight- maybe it'll take
a new heart. Miraculously unlike
any stone warmed by the sun.

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