From an interview with Lisa Olstein at Barnstorm:

Interview: I have a favorite quote on creativity. Czeslaw Milosz said that creativity comes from an 'inner command' to express the truth. I wonder if you can give me some ruminations on that idea... 
Olstein: We live in such a complicated and troubling time as it relates to "truth". It's bizarre and horrifying to see so many of language's powers and possibilities- powers and possibilities writers and theorists have long explored and often championed- being put to such malicious and destructive use. I love the idea of  "inner command", though, and  I feel like when it comes to creative work, discerning and pursing what feels deeply, idiosyncratically urgent usually leads to art that resonates as true. Ann Carson said something in an interview that I love: "Every accuracy has to be invented." To me, poems are driven by and expressive of discovery and inherent, I think, to discovery is that what is discovered is somehow real or true- emotionally, intellectually, perceptually- and unable to be ascertained by other means. That is, the poem is an experience of the body and mind, and experience is a form of truth.

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