--Stanely Moss 
I argued with a dear friend, a psychiatrist
who didn't think dogs smile and dream.
I told him I thought butterflies, frogs and dogs dream
and smile- that the whole Bronx Zoo is like me,
but I don't think every Greyhound bus,
cheese, beggerman and thief is named Stanley.
I've seen trees smiling, dreaming, kissing and kissed.
I don't think the world is a mirror made by Jesus,
rather sooner or later, like Columbus
every old sailor sees a mermaid, that Jesus
smiled and dreamed like us, and Judas
had a dog that smiled and dreamed like us.
My good dog Bozo ran wild with my shoes.
Because I sleep and dream old news
secrets I keep from myself, I smile in deceit,
while my dog smiles, mounts a wolf at my feet.

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