Journey into the Eye
--David Lehman 
Having no choice but to go down, the sun
without a hint of its will to disobey, hung
for the moment suspended from the rapidly
vanishing blue of the sky, like a pearl
from a pole, a streetlamp, or a chandelier
which, with the emptying of the ballroom,
stops swinging of a sudden and is so still
it seems it never could have moved. Still, 
The sun was going to go down, but first
invited my rowboat to join it, and so I
devised a journey into the eye, and embarked
on it, gliding without work of oars or arms
over the clear and calm watery floor, cool
as an ice-skating rink, peaceful as sleep,
summary as myself in a boy's blue overalls,
freedom's uniform, fishing at memory's end.

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