Penny Along the Ottawa 
Antic blooms atop trees grizzled
about the turnpike, emeralds proximal
to urban sputter, hopeful travelers,
taupe birds buttoned out of habit. 
What else can accompany spring
funneled arterial by triple cadence,
doorless patio puddles, partial tones
of purple.. sunset panned ephiphanic. 
So there's that. Ponderous backdrop
for what we create. Windup homes
where dogged nickles shirt  pockets
payable to minute gasps exhibiting life 
in captious shift-- flummoxed blusters,
umpteenth arrangements indelicately
torqued. To elevate, to recede, however
glum rivers laugh as gravitas currents 
sally emotion to equanimous shore,
her note imitates in a way the wind
piffling through clueless borders,
void of newscasts only minutes ago. 

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