Haiku- Winter 2016/17

first snow-
at times the grace
of feeling nothing

winter solstice-
the brass chorale
of sunrise

donkeys centuries old
in the weight of silent fog-
christmas morning

one chance only-
cardinal in the holly
new years morning

inauguration day-
bald verbosity crowned
with a rat’s nest 

dressed in her hijab
while driving a silverado-
the brave and the free

january thaw
a park bench

full moon
quicksilver skating
on yesterday’s rain

reading in bed,
primeval dreams from a pool
of midnight ink

bottle of red wine
what never really happened
graces the table

tired of wine-
chalk it up to the stars
and a half moon

around the corner
noonday sunshine, a hat tip
to Galileo 

Thanks can be given to Blue Lake Public Radio for this year's annual ‘winter solstice’ experience; ‘donkeys centuries old’ came from the Ozarks on the way to family; ‘reading in bed’ is what happens when you are at the end of McCarthy’s Cities of the Plain late at night; the 'silverado' was being parallel parked outside the county courthouse (deftly I might add). To express gratitude to Obama, a collaborative haiku and renga effort will be available year round at Harvard Review

Nobody said fuck
you like he did — a razor
nick quick as his smile

Romantic, dialectic —
yet a middle finger too.
Tom Sleigh/John Skoyles  

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