Alan Watts discusses the endless tyranny of mythologized tomorrow, perpetual adolescence, why being a symptom is better than being an alien and the tools necessary for resistance (via biblioklept/cultura prima):

Now you see when your identity is defined by society, you can not resist it, you don't have the knowledge, you don't have the wisdom, you don't have the resources to understand that something's been put over on you. You can not but help believe the definition of you as a free agent. But you believe yourself to be a free agent as a result of not being free. That is to say of being hopelessly unable to resist society's identification of you. So in the whole sense of our personality there is a contradiction. And that is why the sense of ego, of being oneself is simultaneously a sense of frustration. The feeling of I-ness so far as most people are concerned is a feeling of tension between the eyes and behind them. Trigant Burrow, a remarkable man did some studies about two kinds of awareness which he called di-tension and co-tension. Ditentive is the normal kind of awareness that we have of being a skin-encapsulated ego, of being separate from the environment and of confronting an external objective world of which we are the independent observer. And this myth, he said, goes hand in hand with a physical state which is a state of tension between the eyes. Then, he defined co-tension as another form of awareness which you might call a certain kind of openness in which you realize that the external world is just as much you as anything inside your skin. And that you are not something that comes into this world on probation and doesn't really belong. This is, you see, the attitude that we foster in the child, but that you are something not that comes not into the world but that comes out of it in the same way as a flower comes out of a plant or a fruit comes out of a tree. That you an expression, you as a human being are a symptom of nature. And that you really belong there and that furthermore your actual self, what is finally and fundamentally you is not a separate and lonely part of the world but the real you is the world itself, everything that there is, expressing itself as this particular organism here and now. And of course as you look across the room as all these other organisms in there here and now, we are all 'tits of the same sow' if I may put it so crudely. Or if you want it to put it more poetically - "raised from the same son".

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