Let Us Ravel the Silence
--Michael Palmer 
Let us ravel the silence,
its pages turning 
It is a hum, after all, of no sound,
a buzz of absent bees, 
a swirl of sky licked by flame
and a waste of sea, 
reeds bending east towards a tentative shore,
scatter song of light’s passage 
across a curving earth
There is a bridge in the bare distance 
It is a bridge between silences,
bridge of steel where once 
the Emperor’s dragon was meant to pass
bearing the palaces of the gods on its back, 
brows furled over blazing eyes,
scales of gold coating the torso 
And always the stones at sea-bottom
like extinguished stars  
The sun here neither rises nor sets
Does chalk emit a breath

"Palmer recomposes the measures of poetic song for our time, often on the ground of gone."

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