Tropic of Erasure 
Viscous air, wood grain
ferment, curdled plaster,
a humidity deepened
by an undone narrative
thought in conversion,
the cup of a worn self
from folded stasis
to evaporate passage 
Out the window that is eve,
residual induced algae,
sump rallied hours alive
on chlorophyll gestures
mussed with skunk paths
afloat through spiderwort
plumes beside a fern burrow
siphoning vestal silence, 
Oh how ground coils
with liquid atmosphere
as fulminous prescience
triggers off horizons
rife with lightning,
the earthen quake,
verboten thunder,
offensively charged 
Prying planetary time,
pneumatic and phasic
surge expanse that is
this furtive doom,
where reaction slides
in melanistic steps
beyond the thin option
known as memory- 
That personal ritual
comprised and contorted
in its own image,
a name, an abundance,
an old trap sprung
empty when it falls
upon itself in solvent
dilutions of squishy
moss and rain

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