Observations on True Voluptuousness
--Lauri Otonkoski (trans. Anselm Hollo) 
Mornings he ends up
putting on his clothes. 
In his profession
he works. 
On his way to work he sees an incident
and decides to tell his nearest about it that night,
employing a few colloquial expressions. 
He has a mood
but the weather's outside. 
From the lunch menu he does select
some food and a little drink. 
In his free time he loves
works made by artists
and compositions composed by composers. 
In the bus, he directs his gaze at a person (female).
'Subject, predicate, object!'
he admits. 
'Expletive, giggle!'
She turns to look
at the view through the window. 
But when saw-souled sun and contemplative moon
changed places
and day swooned into the weave of night
...............the world's engine
...........it, it just went on purring.


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