Ever appropriate. A new year starting
with salutations from the sky with fresh snowfall,
canvas of pale erasure, ground cover atop
a land of averaging hopes. Time for resolutions…
or furthering regions beyond what can be concluded
down to end mark significance. Cursive transience
from the chimneys. Avian privacies known
by the ligneous teachings of the oaks.
Bell tones to fade over coronet fields
previously only known in the solitude
of childhood. Where reflections thread
thin and presence bypasses what’s defined
for what instead moves receptive, gratitude
towards remnants and afterward shadows.
Corporeal weight, including the warm
tenderness of her carmine cotton,
for surmising, brushing along convenience
of paths, while daring to tumble discarnate
proposals forged from the interior choir
of permanency unknown.

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