Summer Haiku- 2015

full moon-
silver arcs
of dunegrass
dove light
leaves whisper
early evening

fireflies lighting
past midnight
breaking curfew

the news stand,
the headlines,
traffic carrying on

watching charlie rose
while sunlight shines
through the questions

swastika worn
at a grocery store,
July 4th in ‘merika’

symbols like tools
gripped with meaning

shirtless, beer can,
garage radio baseball,
his ghost white hair

river eddies-
faces known
day by day

open mailbox
rust and rain

burying three
blue jay fledglings-
a tight lipped wind

another wine pour,
nostalgia leaking
down from stars

between thoughts-
not the butterfly 
but the flight

august 31 gloaming-
lake water forecasts
september yellow


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