Fear isn't always obvious, but obviousness is one of my greatest fears. If I look like I am going to faint someone will bring me a paper bag. 
I hold some truths to be obvious enough not to have to say them at all. 
People think God is obvious, or not: everything or nothing. A hole held open by a word. 
Obviously whatever I am composing is decomposing at the same time. 
When a mystery is made obvious people call it a revelation. But it was there all along, neither uncovered or covered up.  
A fig leaf only makes a crotch more obvious. 
It takes someone i mportant to say what they think is obvious and make it sound like they just thought it up. 
I used to think that it was obvious I was different but not obvious what that difference was. 
A blue light on the skin may be orange in the eye of the beholder. 
What's next isn't obvious. 
--from 'Alive'; Elizabeth Willis

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