Haiku- Spring 2015

days widen,
sensed first by the cat
so beyond me

crocus petals-
rays of a sun within
forgotten colors

an ancient warmth
from effortless hours
of determined sun

on a frayed leash-
first love

about black tulips,
deepened rain
chutes in the rills

lone distances
lost to horizons
with songbirds

winded breath
in young and old both-
falling cherry petals

a warm mist rising
after an all day rain,
is letting go

lost threads of rain
found in the gravity
defiance of green

oh to fall 
into the passerine
smile of a cloud

coat of green pollen
on a barbecue smoker-
strange woes of spring

candy wrapper
in a patch of weeds
aside of flowers

new moon-
humid magnolia
only for now

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