[ Still Life (Egg on Plate) ; Josef Sudek ]

Even stillness will turn against you if you try to use it to ask directions.

Death needs us to love stillness, if we are to know how to give back our lives when the time comes.

Stillness loves that dream where you find the wooden box with no handles: you can't be expected to lift what you can't hold.

Loneliness is like stillness, except for the fear inside it.

Failure: no more interesting than success, but its one virtue is that it makes room for stillness.

Stillness: the art of making nothing out of nothing.

This morning is stillness: even the crow forgets to cry out at the injustice of it all.

Every stillness has a story behind it, an excuse for why it is so late in arriving.

Stillness: would I have traded it in for a happy life?

...........--from '29 Stillnesses'; Jim Moore

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