Winter Haiku- 2014/15

silent oak tree,
unanimous echo

great noble beast,
from the darkest folds
a full moon rises

winter solstice-
a few last words
in noon time shadows

reflecting back
on the past year-
pale winter light

crystalline flakes 
day and night

howling wind
in a barren tree,
sudden memory

pink white and blues
pool in a silent view,
the sky in her voice

froth of thoughts
ride on westward wind-
i’ll have another

clumsy old humor,
my flailing strut
on sidewalk ice

fresh snow
clear sobriety
day light

coffee break-
another set of words
to lead elsewhere

cool frosted light
on the living room floor,
my hour in the moon

search helicopter
over black water
finds only winter

hard truths-
concrete sunlight
road salt dust

river ice
for moses

sub zero lows
with high clouds
in trailing bloom

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