Romanticism has never been fairly appraised; who would have? Critics!! The romantics, who so clearly prove that the song is infrequently the work of a singer, which is to say rarely is its thought both sung and understood by its singer. 
For I is someone else. If the brass awakes as horn, it can't be to blame. This much is clear: I'm around for the hatching of thought: I watch it, I listen to it: I release a stroke from the bow: the symphony makes its rumblings in the depths, or leaps fully-formed onto stage. 
If old fools hadn't completely misunderstood the nature of the Ego, we wouldn't be constantly sweeping up these millions of skeletons which, since time immemorial, have hoarded products of their monocular intellects, a blindness of which they claim authorship! 
.........--Arthur Rimbaud (trans by Wyatt Mason)

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