Autumn Haiku- 2014

morning coffee-
what’s new, the hole
a skunk dug for grubs

my thoughts
dew drops
below the fog

one last peach-
heart of September
swallowed at midnight

not cherries
but crabapples 
falling in dozens

blood moon,
souls ripened
on the vines

new winds take
the first turned leaves-
a place apart

leaves turn and fall
but the curling wind
knows no loss

honey locusts
with their own loss

evening walk began
in memory, but faded
under a waxing moon

crow caw cuts
autumn color loose,
above settled stones

hawk perched
upon an empty branch
where stillness stirs

again the dog barks
trying to fill a half moon
above the roof

thanksgiving morning
jog through light snow,
red drum of my heart

diurnal of november
grounded in luminous
lines of shadows

1 comment:

Barbara said...

Crabapples falling!