Summer Haiku- 2014

the weight of words-
another box of books
into the car trunk

evening sun lingers
beneath the cloud bank-
a few last thoughts

black squall line,
low pressure dragon,
it will be done

one red cardinal sings
after a needed rain-

with floating silence,
a hummingbird
honors the flowers

dew point
thick as rain
evening wine

black birds that fly
past a setting sun

two young hares
chase into the grove
silent shadows

old wrangler truck
not starting at sunrise
wisp breeze in aspens

breaking news story,
but still with full attention
to her new born

grey cygnets fret
while the cygnus swims
in white, sunlight

grey tiger cat peep
from beneath the hosta-
curious stranger

deep noon
august heat
in shadows

perseid storm,
crickets about the porch
here upon earth

an extra summer day-
gold finch flying through
black-eyed susans

late summer blooms
deepened in the receding
whispers of sunlight

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