From the essay 'Against Mastery' found at The Hedgehog Review, voicing a rarely heard critique of modern medical science:

How, for one, will we make sense of death if it comes to be viewed as something with no intrinsic meaning, but chiefly as a piece of bad luck, a matter of bad timing—the misfortune, for example, of contracting the disease before the march of inevitable medical progress had caught up with it? Or worse, how can we ever be reconciled to death when it becomes understood as something almost entirely accidental, and largely preventable? 
Do we imagine that complete control over our biological fates will necessarily make us happier? Perhaps it will. But one can as easily imagine that there might be little room for uninhibited joy or exuberance in such a world. More likely it will be a tightly wound world, saturated with bitterness and anxiety and mutual suspicion, in which life and health will be guarded with all the ferocity of Ebenezer Scrooge guarding his money. Growing mastery means growing responsibility, and the need to assign blame, since nothing happens by chance. Some of the blame will be directed at the parents, politicians, doctors, and celebrities who make plausible villains, or conspiracy theories that explain why someone else is always at fault. But much of the blame will devolve upon ourselves, since in being set free to choose so much about our lives, we will have no one else to blame when we make a complete mess of things.  
No, there is good reason to fear that the more our lives are prolonged and powers extended, and the more death becomes seen as an avoidable evil whose precise moment should be “chosen,” rather than an inherent feature of human life, the more common it will be to encounter people who live imprisoned by their fear of all risk, since the possible consequences of any risk will seem too vast, too horrible, and too fully avoidable, to be contemplated.  
That such a world would drain human life of dignity and spiritedness is not hard to imagine..... 

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Juke said...

Evolution, as someone said somewhere, is mainly just sex and death.
The war against evolution's being waged on the front lines of medical progress, not in school board meetings in Middle America.
The philosophical wreckage of immortality gained through mechanical opposition of death at any cost is one thing, the complete refusal to submit to any evolutionary pressure other than that in the hands of an incoherent mass of greedheads and emotionless technicians is another thing entirely.
The very champions of the concept of evolution and its "accidental" benefits fight it at every turn.
There's a pretense, widely adopted, that we're through evolving somehow. But of course we're not, we're evolving constantly, but now it's into a recursive dance to the insistent demands of our own unconscious fears and our basest desires.