Haiku- Winter 2013/14

empty birch sings
its own white song
before the snow

choral height
grounded at solstice
stardust of Sirius

height of stars
cascading down upon
another morning

weight of winter-
an ice covered lake
black wine beneath

a north wind howl,
donning wool socks
rather than wings

inhabitant ghosts
when outside drafts in
old familiar songs

frigid and clear
the pale pulse
of constant cosmos

vertical thought
spheres in the flight
of a snowy owl

what was it I heard?
not thoughts, the whisp
of Sweden in the forest

and a single sound
with the river

a cold west wind
one syllable real
where sky cleared

chunk of moon sits
boldly incomplete
in clear blue sky

winter memory-
day lit moon held
in a thick of branches

green haiku abound
but those of snow remain
here, in the snow

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