O fire around fire in fire of fire with fire
By fire alone
Fire pointed fire the star in star
And the self falls in god shimmer
The visionary shipwreck
The kidnapped ecstasy
The copulation of the lightning and the lighthouse
A skirt lifts its tent of perfume
A woman’s frail veiled sight moved stirred
Stirred the virgin in the womb of the man
Ishtar the tree of fiery stars
The eye wraps itself up in its retina
The old dark transmigrating eye
A boat of oak sails
Under a tree of silver
Under a crown of thorns
Gold spring blue autumn purple winter
Song alone
Or the harp in a crystal room
Snow falling ever more heavily
The room growing steadily darker
Bones like white wires cry out in their dream 
-- from 'Andromeda Chained To Her Rock the Great Nebula In Her Heart'; Kenneth Rexroth

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