Today Everything is Connected
-- Tung-Hui Hu (2013) 
By a single principle: guilt by association.
For this reason, when it is revealed
That we sometimes have trouble distinguishing
Between the noise and the shape of things,
The hand from the fist, the gestures of love
From the gestures of waiting, it means that
Anyone may be accused at any time.
Simply raise your index finger and point
Across the room and someone will come over 
To take your order. Although it is not polite
I am going to accuse the sun of failing to rise
During off-hours. I will accuse those handing out
Lemons and onions of asking for it.
I will even accuse myself of conspiring
To sell sadness as a small, mysterious gift.
The only animal you can trust is the woodpecker
Who points repeatedly to its tree and says
Each time You are here. My love, you are here. 

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