Summer Haiku- 2013

something like opal
as lofty clouds carry
through the sky

empty park bench
in morning fog-
again and again

shadows passing
mostly anonymously
through my vision

bistro table,
pair of open chairs,
sun dappled shade

another 4th of July
but even brighter-
lantana umbrellas

of the tiger lilies,
one has fallen
from the rain

even with new rain,
what still remains
in dusty corners

cloudy day
summer afternoon-
front door shut

above the marsh,
red-winged blackbirds
sharpen on the wind

wild flowers
set back in August brush
born from memories

floating logs ashine
with algae backed turtles-
find your buoyant sun

scent of cedar
decent within
condensing dew

my shadow lengthens
growing patience
native to evening

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