BearingMeUp went to visit Convergence CrazyCart, and CrazyCart asked him, "what has NoonStart been telling you?" 
"He's been explaining that rulers should serve as examples, establishing canons and standards, precepts and regulations- then the people will follow and be transformed." 
"That's the Integrity of oppression," said Convergence CrazyCart.  "Using it to govern all beneath heaven is like trying to channel a river through an ocean, like asking a mosquito to carry a mountain away.  When sages govern, do you think they worry about mere appearance?  First they set the terms themselves aright- and then they just let it all happen.  That way things can simply do what they were meant to do. 
"Birds fly high to avoid the hazards of arrows.  Mice burrow deep under sacred mountains to avoid the danger of being dug up or smoked out.  These two little creatures- even they have better sense than you!"
HeavenRoot was wandering at BrightAbundance Mountain... he met Human NoName and said: "Might I ask about bringing order to all beneath heaven?" 
"Get lost!" shouted NoName.  "What a slob.  How could you ask such trashy questions?  I wander the Maker-of-Things and just now stumbled into this human form.  When I get tired of this, I'll mount the SubtleConfusion Bird and soar out beyond the six horizons.  I'll wander in a village where there's nothing at all, dwell in a land where emptiness stretches away forever.  So why are you cluttering my mind with your talk about governing all beneath heaven?" 
HeavenRoot asked again. 
"Let your mind wander the pure and simple," replied NoName.  "Blend your ch'i into the boundless, follow occurrence appearing of itself in things, and don't let selfhood get in the way.  Then all beneath heaven will be governed as well."

--Chuang Tzu (trans by David Hinton; from The Inner Chapters)

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