There is an innate need for absorption and the imaginative, emotional, spiritual and artistic channels available to us for this are endless.  One such being the compiling of all these aspects into this modern medium of electronic assemblage.   

When I stopped my blogging effort almost two years ago, I had a need for connection that was pulling me elsewhere.  One reason partially involved continued seismic shifting after ending a 15 year relationship a while back prior, but another was to free up all of the before mentioned qualities so they could be channeled into a new relationship. And the way I went about it was not unlike placing all my chips onto red and then carefully, attentively..... watching the ball spin axially about to see where gravity will have it land.  It landed on red.   

So after a breather, I’ve been finding the reflective life returning and so, my return to Five Branch Tree.  All prior posts have been deleted and the reason for this is comparable to the destructive brushing away of a completed Tibetan sand mandala– all the deities of our efforts, accomplishments and failings share a core commonality of transitoriness.

This new generation will be similar, yet with varied differences, echoing the inner and outer aspects of my life as it is again and newly being lived.

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