[Allegan State Game Area, MI; 11/23/2012]

Lonely self-watchful passion” indeed, and how appropriate to be in its midst on Black Friday last week. When driving to the hike, car shaking wind and pelting sleet on the highway laid some second guesses onto my plans. But once there, the precipitation changed into the season’s first snow and the wind was buffered down by the contours of the landscape. Besides that, the stark conditions had a way of bringing out the barren beauty of the region, punctuated then when I had the fortune of briefly seeing a substantial raptor fly up from a perch down in the water. With predominantly white feathers intermixed by a few black around the neck and head region, my guess was an osprey. Although, they usually are not found this far north this time of year. So its possible it was a bald eagle– apparently the signature solid white markings are matured into. In any event, hopefully my presence was neutral and without intrusion, the sudden flight as nothing more than nature’s own condition.

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